Concept Development • Ergonomic Study • Industrial Design • Design Strategy
Apo-Morphine is used to treat Parkinson's disease. It reduces the amount of time spent in an "off" or immobile state in Parkinson's patients.
Challenging the status quo
Our team come up with a solution that completely changes the setup and use of the infusion pump. During user experience studies we identified that the carer has a significant responsibility to program instructions for how much and how long the infusion should take. 
On the current device, this is a complicated and technically challenging task. We invented a method wherein the Apo-Morphine injection is pre-programmed into the cartridge according to the patient's needs. This eliminates 90% of the control operations.​​​​​​
Prototype Development
We were asked to develop our concept to show the concept in a variety of different ways on the body. Creating ergonomic concepts that would suit the user's everyday life. 
Smallfry identified a development route for an infusion device that can help achieve this growth due to its potential for a host of unique features within the area of Apomorphine Infusion including;
- The potential for a drastic reduction in the size of the device
- A more patient compliant form factor, significantly improved usability through a new user interface
-  Satisfy the requirement for an intermediate-stage product to work with the existing glass cartridge, 
This development route also has the potential for multiple wins via an agreed strategy of steps potentially culminating in a wearable/disposable “credit card” type device with a bespoke ‘flat pack’ reservoir.
We presented 4 different prototypes with functioning internal schematic ready to choose for next stage field testing and low volume production.